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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Joanne CattanachJoanne Cattanach
Gary is an excellent instructor. Not only does Gary teach you to drive safely he also gives you confidence and makes you feel at ease while driving. I could not recommend Gary enough and I am very grateful to him. Thank you so much Gary !

Susan HamerSusan Hamer
I was extremely nervous about driving when I started learning but thanks to Gary's patience, encouragement and enthusiasm my confidence has increased 100%. Thanks to him I actually enjoy driving now and I passed both my theory and practical tests first time !!!. The Workbook / DVD / App breaks all required skills down in to easily manageable sections. Coupled with Gary's faultless training the system allowed me to think for myself in order to gain a deep understanding and develop my driving skills along with my confidence. Thank you Gary!

Heather ThomsonHeather Thomson
I am overly pleased with the service I received from Gary as my driving instructor. I was very happy with the tools he provided me with which aided my understanding for both theory and practical side of driving. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to pass their test.

Jordan BaillieJordan Baillie
Gary was a great driving instructor who made lessons very enjoyable but at the same time he gave me all the knowledge I needed to pass my driving test. Gary was very patient with me and was always motivating me to keep going. Whenever I was unsure about something and had to ask Gary about thing I did not understand instead of just giving me all the answers he allowed me to think for myself which helped me learn much better rather than just getting information thrown at me which I'd likely forget. The theory test preparation resources provided were great as I managed to pass first time without any problems.

The workbook and DVD also helped me a lot as it covered everything I needed to know and whenever I was struggling with something as well as asking Gary I could watch the DVD and read the workbook which never failed to help me. It was a privilege to learn with Gary and I would highly recommend him to anyone learning to drive, couldn't have been taught by a better person. Thanks again Gary !

Liam Cruickshank Liam Cruickshank
Gary made me feel more confident in my ability to drive and when it came to my test he made sure I felt that I had the ability to pass and kept re-assuring me. The LDC system 100% definitely works. Before I didn't know much about driving and with Gary's help and the workbook and LDCs YouTube channel, I soon learned quickly and I feel this benefited me greatly.

Jordan TrendallJordan Trendall
Gary provided professional help/ advice to help me overcome my hesitation at junctions and my manoeuvres. I had no confidence on the road until I started doing lessons with Gary. He was patient and supportive, pushing me to do things I wouldn't do if it wasn't for Gary giving me a little push to overcome my hesitation. Brilliant instructor that pushes you to do your best!

Greig ConnGreig Conn
Gary made learning to drive relaxing and fun. Every lesson I felt more and more confident. He makes you believe you can! The training methods are great and I couldn't recommend Gary highly enough.